About Us

ABOUT Mendo Purp

The Mendo Purp Com is here to lift the remarkable cannabis plant into the twenty-first century with our patented extraction and purification process all housed here in the beautiful New York City. The men and women in charge of our farms work closely with our lab technicians to extract, purify and concentrate our sustainably grown and harvested hemp into a wide array of natural, botanical remedies.

Our mission

The pure, organic hemp we grow in Vermont and New York can only become the effective products our customers count on through a technique closer to alchemical transformation than scientific extraction. When you’ve done the research and come to the conclusion that CBD is the right fit for what ails you, you simply will not find a source as pure, as effective, or as elevated as the Mendo Purp Com.

There is a strong standard of agricultural excellence here in Vermont, and Upstate is committed to these standards in its production methods. Our research is focused on the development of high CBD:THC varieties that are optimal for the short New York growing season.


A New York Center of Excellence with four pillars: hemp, hops, herbs and a food hub. The New York Center of Excellence will be a farming campus located in northwestern Vermont. It will be a center of innovation and education, a hub of product development and quality food, and a community gathering place. We see an opportunity to create an economy built on Vermont’s long tradition of cooperative, community-based agriculture.

The Vermont brand – high quality, local, artisanal – gives us a competitive advantage over other states and empowers us to grow an economy that avoids the downsides of Big Agriculture- corporatized, concentrated ownership of business up and down the agricultural value chain.